Monday, September 11, 2017

Hao Yue Lou Seafood Restaurant - Aman Suria

A recommendation from a friend was turned into a pigging out dinner. Three pax over ordering for the sake of trying out the food. This Tai Chow is promising as I have eaten a couple of times at a few famous ones nearby to the detriment of my wallet. This space is humble taking up a makeshift corner of a electrical shop. But for a weekday and it was packed out with patrons standing around waiting for a table till about 8:30pm. It means good business and can be translated into into good food.

I was not wrong. The Grouper was immensely satisfying as well as fresh. It's not easy to get good fresh Grouper as most of them are quite fishy except those eaten near the sea.

The batter baby octopus deep-fried has addictive flour coating. I can imagine ganja being added. Truth be told the coating is one of the attractions, as many of us are dough craves never seems to be tried of these deep fried fattening carbo!

The 'Sang Cheong' in dried shrimps was one of the better ones. Hard to find as the prep work is not easy and my wife will order it at every opportunity. Good stuff again.

Two plates of vege to assuage out guilt of the ordering a pig spare part for food. The bill came to RM115. A contented outing for all of us.

54, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria

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