Friday, April 7, 2017

Yong Liew (Yong Tau Foo) Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong, Gunung Rapat Ipoh

It's the best kept secret for the local Yong Liew (Yong Tau Foo in KL) yet its packed to rafters till deep into the lunch break and beyond. In the village people come and go as they like. Many old folks too and children comes visiting with own families. There you are, the crowd.

At the new village, the promise of good food is always there. Put it this way, I don't second guess local recommendations when it comes to food, esp at the mention of these phrases "waiting for tables", "crowded" and "hard to park."

So what I have? Those that sit in soup and the deep-fried items. Literally scores of vegetables imaginable were cut and rolled up, weaved and joined. Then fish paste of the highest quality was slathered on the vegetables. Traditionally they used a lot of tenggiri and I do hope it still is. My palate not sensitive enough to tell. Suffice to say, it's tasty fish all the way, QQ and coupled with fresh and vegetables, it's a healthy meal.

The deep-fried products are usually soy skin slapped with a layer of fish paste and the rolled up and fried. The soy skin from Ipoh is as famous as that of the Tau Foo Fa and Bean sprouts where fortune was made because of the quality of water from the hills and the ground has done all the work behind the scene.

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