Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pai Nai Thai Restaurant - Selayang Utama

This is one restaurant we saved it for the rainy day to savour. I have visited this restaurant at least half a dozen times. The food is Thai and we have Thai speaking staff plus other migrant workers.

The attraction will be the black tilapia coated with salt and wrapped in banana leaf and 'pow' (grilled) over the fire. Mind you the word 'pow' is also for funereal use. Any guess? Yes, it's morbid. The answer is "cremate".

The other crowd pleasers would be the BBQ lamb chops. Grilled to perfection, it was tender, tasty and satiated my carnivorous instinct.

As for beverage go for Thai beer. It's not Singha or Chang but a drink culled from the humble lemongrass plant. Robust and with real lemongrass fragrance and taste, a great way to wash the food down the belly.

Pai Nai is related to the famous and well-received Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant in Hulu Langat.

Black Tilapia over the fire
Not exactly my cup of tea but then what's the matter with you if you don't order one in a Thai restaurant
Tender lamb, another favorite
Sotong grilled to perfection
Tempura-styled Spinach. My favorite at every eats.
Thai beer aka Lemongrass extracts beverage. Thick and aromatic

Lot A 2710 Jalan Subang 16, Selayang Utama

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