Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kanna Curry House - Jalan Gasing

Living in Ara Damansara makes it viable to eat in Subang or in the vicinity of Jalan Gasing. Just 10 - 15mins drive. The last frontier is suddenly reachable without pain for someone who used to live in northern KL.

I have eaten here and the Menjalara one and finds the food pretty consistent. It may not be superlative but filled the stomach with satisfaction. That's the joy of living.

One of the thing I am not used to is the exchange of the biodegradable banana leaf with that of a green paper, shaped like it's replacement and laminated with plastic.

That aside, the Mutton Varuwal was excellent. Only, spicy, hot and tender morsels. The Chicken Perithal lacked zing and the meat was flat. Still the curry was good.

In most curry houses I always test their fried fishes of different kinds. This time I asked for Ikan Bulus and Kembong. Ikan Bulus was so fresh and fried just right. I could smell the sea as I ate. Sadly, they returned saying that Kembong is sold out.

123, Jalan Gasing, PJ

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