Monday, April 24, 2017

Burger and Lobster, Dean Street, London

For those who is deciding on whether to make the long trip to Genting Highland for their lobster's treat, this post may help you decide. So far Burger and Lobster has got just this sole branch in Malaysia. Sincerely hope that it will appear in major towns soon so that we can enjoy how the West goes about getting their oversized dragon prawn killed and eaten.

I have gone to this Dean Street's joint 3 times over 3 trips to London. And I will venture to say their service is excellent and the food is good. Essentially Asians being Asians prefer their food with lots of exotic and local sauces. The West's food is rather bland for lack of interaction with spices and sauces. Not that they don't have but their sauces are more diary based.

This said, eating a lobster that was alive not too long ago is always a tasty albeit expensive venture. Look beyond that, it is a "raw" culinary expensive not Dine every day. How lobsters became a culinary delight and customers paying through the nose is hard to fathom. This being lobsters were animal. Feed and worth next to nothing when the New Englanders arrived in the East Coast of America 240 or so years ago.

So I hope thus will what your appetite and provide you with drive to go up Genting for your crustacean "friend".

Lobsters was fresher than fresh. As they say and fresher you have to be on the lobster boat in the Atlantic Ocean off New England states. Enjoy it slowly as soon enough all will be gone. The key to savour this is to feel the taste of freshness and not look for the Asian spices and sauces taste.

Bon Appetit!

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