Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ah Khuan Seafood - Medan Selera Selayang Jaya

Pictures do paint a thousand words. Look at these tempting seafood. Resistance is futile. Ah Khuan is the owner chef of this humble restaurant ensconced inside a food court.

A former fisherman in Pulau Ketam, he no longer fish but do have contacts in Pulau Ketam to get his fresh seafood supply off the boat. And my goodness out of the chiller has all kinds of sea bounties of the day. Go ahead choose one and tell them how you want to cook it.

I have been eating here more than 10 times and the food was super fresh. Ah Khuan used to cook but now he has a cook which does a better job than the owner.

Red Grouper Tail
Pomfret (Tau Tei)
Red Snapper 
Sand Flounder
Jenahak Fish Head
Another Jenahak Fish Head
Big Sea Prawns

Medan Selera Selayang Jaya, Jalan SJ 5, Taman Selayang Jaya

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