Wednesday, April 5, 2017

F4 Fish Head Restaurant - Subang Jaya

Getting there is a bit complicated unless you have a guide or GPS! Our first trip in 2008 was a long while ago. Getting there was a breeze as my wife ate there often with workmates. I can still remember the wonderful food. Since moving to the Northern side of PJ/KL we have not gone back until this trip. Guess my wife was hankering for some F4.

Since my last visit 8 years ago, F4 had outdid itself. This 'factory restaurant' has real space and high ceiling. And a huge vacant factory for customers to park.

The  Steamed Soong Yee (Chinese Carp) Head in Ginger and Bean Paste was outstanding. No wonder people keep on going back. The head used was from a Soong Yee as it is big and meaty with lots of skin. If you want steamed fish tail, the best would be the Wan Yee. This is the rule of thumb for the Cantonese when savoring fresh water fish.

German Roast Knuckle with thick sweet and savoury peanut sauce. What more can I say, crispy skin with lots of meat under it: fat and lean. This is a must ordered as I thought theirs was roasted for the Chinese palate.

Lot 776, Sub Lot 3, Jalan Subang 4, Subang Jaya Industrial Park
Subang Jaya

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