Monday, March 2, 2009

Pasta Zanmai Japanese Revisited - 1 Utama

G210B, Ground Floor, Promenade
The last visit yielded good food esp. the pasta. Firm and thoroughly cooked, silky smooth, filling and satisfying for those who can't do without carbohydrates and most of all it makes a better substitute for rice. This time round the food quality remained the same.

Food Costs: RM120.00 (RM100 as we have a RM20.00 voucher from last visit)

UnagiYana WF Set - Come with Salad - RM29.00. Good amount of healthy granishinga a big slab of unagi.
Gyu Wafu SP - RM26.00. Very very generous toppings of beef. Very satisfying.
ChicKatsu WF Set - Come with Salad - RM26.00. A chicken chop on top.Tea - Iced and hot.Luck would have it we got a chipped tableware in the form of a tea cup. In the last visited, I have 2 chipped plate and bowl. Its a record for me as this has happened consequtively.
We also took the opportunity to do a spot of shopping in Shojikiya, a Japanese food specialty store. It shared the same space with the restaurant and occupied most of the front portion. Each has its own entrance though the restaurant can be accessed through both. A strategic tie-up no doubt. All 8 Shojikiya are situated within, next to or very near to the Japanese restaurants.
I have been looking for Japanese Green Tea for a long time. Not those from Taiwan, India or China. Also I wanted the loose freeze-dried tea leaves. It will reconstitute nicely into leafy form when hot water is poured on it. It used to be my daily afterwork routine while living in Bangkok. The tea releases its very green (not light green or brown) essence into the water. The fragrance always gave me the highs. It is a channel for de-stressing. Antioxidant laden therefore anti-carcinogic as well as act as a cleansing agent for the toxins from the urban eats.

Well there was no Japanese Green Tea leaves but only powder form in tea sachets in Shojikiya. It will do for now.


SimpleGirl said...

Green tea leaves I bought from Jusco was quite may check it out!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Everything looks good!'s far from lunch time... =(

550ml jar of faith said...

Chicken katsu on ANYTHING is good! Still with the chipped tableware! Dangerous dining!

Selba said...

Eh... chipped plate and bowl? Alamak... that's bad feng-shui for the owner!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You've been luckier than me, that's for sure. I've only been to Pasta Zanmai twice, and both visits were almost disastrous. Third time lucky, perhaps? Hehe.

I like shopping in Shojikiya. :-)

Food For Tots said...

The food looks so delicious but the price is on the high side without the discount.

teckiee said...

you got to be careful with that chipped cup.. i almost cut myself onces drinking from cups like that.

worldwindows said...

SG... emm ok will check it out, the last I look at the shelves don't have what I want.

BB... The wait makes the food even more delicious.

Faith... My son enjoyed that dish with relish.

Selba... I hope the manager take note that this will translate into lost business.

LL... 3rd time perhaps. I son is sold on this shop and will be clamouring for more. Sholikiya has quite some range esp. the tidbits.

FfT... It can blow up with more side-orders!

Teckiee... Not to mention the bacteria that is lodged in the cavity.

backStreetGluttons said...

looks like fusion !

worldwindows said...

It is very nice to have eastern Japanese on a bed of western pasta. Fusion to me.