Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cafe 1920 Pizza Pasta Pastry - The Curve

153, 1st Floor Western Court Yard. Another 2 branches in 1 Utama and Bangsar Shopping Village.
Now that's Italian! Cafe 1920 tagline mean business - of the mama mia and not mafiosi kind.

10 of us dropped by after some 'professional advice' from the security lady after collecting 2 wheelchairs for our 2 grandmas. We proceeded to have Caesar Salad, a good pizza, some nice cheese, cream, tomato and olive based pasta and the older grandmas have chicken and lamb shank - good western type food.

It's 30% off for ala carte meals. Set meals came with ice lemon tea and ice -cream for dessert.

They have cakes, small pastry, desserts and pancakes which I didn't get to try. That's alot on the menu.

The service was good and attentive. All came out happy and contented. Each pax about RM29 with 10 paid drinks.
Chicken Caesar Salad. Big portion. Did not hold back on good ingredients. Lots of roasted chicken cubes. If you like it heavy this is for you. RM11.20 (after 30% off).
Braised Lamb Shank. A winner. Meat fell off the bones and tender. Everyone love this dish. RM20.16 (after 30% off)Large Chef's Pizza. Nothing like pizza done with mama mia TLC. I just love it. RM15.75 (after 30% off)
Carbonara. Heavy with Parmesan. Wished there were more beef bacon. RM15.40 (after 30% off). And more pasta....Traditional Mojito. Crushed mint leaves. No rum added as liquor is not served here. Only beer.


Bangsar-bAbE said...

I tried it only once back in 2004 when they first opened in The Curve. Everything was awful from food to service so I never went back.

Looks like they've really bucked up huh?

Selba said...

Sounds yummy.... is the restaurant's ambience nice?

Vivien said...

is there a promotion 30% off? when will it end?

550ml jar of faith said...

Gosh, that is one heavy meal! Heavy salad, cheese-laden pizza and pasta... all in one sitting!

foodbin said...

a very appetizing and comforting meal

teckiee said...

how come the pasta look like one whole clump one?

CUMI & CIKI said...

how can they call it a Traditional Mojito whn it has no alcohol. Shocker! U know me.. unable to comprehend any cocktail w/o the -OH

teehee :P

CUMI & CIKI said...

but i agree on the lamb shank tho.. it's good falling off the bone. was it gamey?

Food For Tots said...

30% discounts? Is it a recession deal?

Food Paradise said...

wow..... the thin crust pizza looks nice. How does it tastes?

Little Inbox said...

Food looks great!

worldwindows said...

BB... Food was good though the presentation is ok only.

Selba... The ambiance is ok only. However it was spacious.

Vivien... Did not ask but I did not see any expiry. Maybe as long as the the economy is moving southwards!

Faith... Carbo and cheese addict like me don't mind:)

FB... Yes esp for my soon who loves everything Italian.

Teckiee... Ya lah food presentation found wanting here. But the carbonara is so good.

CampC... I think they don't have a liqour licence. I was impressed by the lamb shank taste wise and presentation.

FfT... Looks like it. Recession deals are coming in fast.

FP... I like very much. Dough was just nice with some crisp and was slightly chewy to give it some body. The toppings were above average.

LI... I would certainly go back to try some of their pastry and desserts.