Saturday, March 14, 2009

One World Hotel Hi-Tea - 1 Utama

One World Hotel is one unique character. Neither here nor there which is not necessary negative. In fact it is a plus. Good for business and a bit leisure. It is businesslike and warm at the same time . Hard marble flooring combined with warm ramin-coloured laminate for its walls. But to be fair it is more business than pleasure.

I have enjoyed relaxing around in the lobby and having a cup of tea while discussing work. My family enjoyed the dim sum, buffets and hi-teas.
Allow me to let the cat out on the best food here. I have enjoyed the best fried rice around. Loose, fluffy, not starchy, aromatic, wok-hei, and tons of fresh prawns.

The pasta too especially with the marinara sauce. It was a bit limited in choice but still the best around. Al dente, chunky fresh tomatoes, variety of herbs infused into sauces. And to top it up they have a lot of mussels which was done just nice, fresh, firm yet not chewy.

Lastly, the pastry and desserts. They have the 'wow' factor. In fact I am impressed. The bakery and pastry team must have put in a lot of effort.

The rest like fusion food, Japanese were ok. I did not try the local noodles.
Fried Rice
Marinara Sauce was superb and so were the mussel. prawn was so so.
Fusion - Sauces from the East, Cincaluk, Budu, etc.Fusion - Sauces from the West, GuacamoleFusion array
Duck, Salmon....Mussels with Salted Black Beans - Good with rice but not on its ownJapanese Chicken and Red Snapper Teppanyaki freshly friedThe Roast Lamb is disappointing - hardened on the outter layer.Desserts Galore - Thick, rich, creamy, fluffy, moist, flakes, firm and all the adjectives with the right match.


foodbin said...

a culinary delights

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I like how the food is properly presented in tiny plates. How much does it cost per head?

New Kid on the Blog said...

that's remind me that I have this in my draft folder and yet to post. :)

550ml jar of faith said...

We've recommended this place many times for our clients' events and I agree the cakes & pastries served during the breaks are a notch above the usual business hotel's standard. I've yet to be bowled over by their entrees though... the buffet is a must-try!

Food Paradise said...

ok.... must put this in my makan trip when I go KL. lol

worldwindows said...

FB... Yes 100+ feet of meandering buffet island and line.

BB... RM68++ Usual it think is 55 or so but it was a public holiday.

NKotB... Hope to will get back into groove soon.

Faith... Yes that was a feast.

FP... Go early!