Friday, March 20, 2009

Have It Your Way with Burger King - Skudai Petronas, Johore

My MIL and my wife's god-sister family came a visiting at the spur of the moment.
The entourage was 7 strong. They stayed the first night at Bintang Royale at the Curve. I have 1 day notice to prepare the house. My wife was busy with a Board meeting and I was left to get all of the sheets, quilt, comforters and the house ready. Our washer and heater was working non-stop. In the meantime, I was packing some not to be seen stuff into our trusty wooden antique chest. It was difficult but a necessary part of Asian culture.

And fortunately my son and I have booked ourselves for a 4 days trip down south the day they moved in:) Fortunate in that we vacated our beds and also giving them less awkward moments. After the house was frantically readied, I then packed and got the car checked, reload the Touch and Go and get mentally geared up for the drive.

So that was my 'have it your way' in a nice and cheeky way. This is to preserve some moments of sanity where I lost control. It was fun though frantic.

It was also a 'have it your way' with my posting (posting with no replies and no catching up with other blogs) even though the room was wifi and cable readied for the WWW. There were too many things on the itinerary. A Board meeting was even scheduled amidst the pleasure. Really too many places to visit with local friends and enjoying their hospitality.

On our way in and on our way out we also 'have it your way' at the 2 different Burger King joints at Petronas stations off the NSE in Skudai.

My son and I have always feel that if McDonalds service and fries are combined with Burger King's grilled beef patties it will be the best fast food burger joint in the world!
Swiss Mushroom Burger with lots of cheese
Mushroom Burger
Whopper - RM12.95 for a medium set with fries and drinks. Add RM0.50 to change fries to onion rings.
Onion Rings - Light and crunchy crust.Golden Fries


teckiee said...

HAHAHAHA! ...i'm guessing your MIL doesn't know about this blog...

worldwindows said...

My wife have access though!