Monday, March 9, 2009

Katerina Hotel - Batu Pahat, Johor

8, Jalan Zabedah, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
Tel: 074337111
The famous or infamous raintree (depending on which side of the divide one is in) in Perak was presented/foisted on us yesterday. In Batu Pahat there is the Katerina Hotel that held the same distinction. It is the best hotel in town, but.... I went to check with my southern friend on how palatable (not the food but the stay) it is to stay in this hotel and was told that unless I am of that caliber of CSL I need not worry. There will be no fly (bug) on the wall. Anyway my wife has no objections.

The hotel was packed with cars, signs of 'we forget easily'. At RM245 for a double deluxe, with an extra bed thrown in and with breakfast this price is the highest there is for a deluxe. It is supposed to be the only4-star hotel in this city. Having no 5-star Katerina rules the roost and still receives a steady stream of customers despite the blip on their record.

I have seen better 3-star hotels. The reason was simple. Only one eatery. Maintenance was badly done, smudges around serviced area and peeling wall paper tell-tale signs of deterioration. But it has redeeming factors. Spacious with high ceilinged lobby. The staff was attentive though English is on the poorer side for most of them. The coffee house food was above average. The dining hall is surprising good for a small city. I am sure it is well-used for weddings for the well heeled in BP. They also have a huge meeting hall.
My wife and I have a bite on arrival.
The chicken chop was tender and well sauced but the portion was small.But the toast was generous with 2 good jams, butter and kaya. The kaya was pandanized and santanized properly. High quality.
The breakfast was uninspiring and though the staff tried to raised the bar like the one who tried to cook the omelette for me but could not rise above her apparent lack of training. 'B+' for trying but an average 'B-' for the food.

I have enjoyed my short sojourned. I have walked their pasar malam and have eaten quite some of their fares and would have like to sample more of BP delights foodwise but were not able to. Maybe the next time.


ling239 said...

with so much jam and delicious kaya i am sure u need more toasts ~ ^_^

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The omelette looks overdone... @_@

SimpleGirl said...

quite expensive rate....

worldwindows said...

ling239... Maybe more kaya:)

BB... Slightly overdone and not folded the right way.

SG... King of the Roost will charge a premium. Will try others.

Food For Tots said...

How's the hawker food at BH? Have not been to this place for a very very long time.

worldwindows said...

It was a quick working trip with some quality family time thrown in. So no go at Jln Jenang and other hawkers' centre. But the pasar malam we managed to sample a few dishes of Malays food.

Babe_KL said...

quite ex huh for the stay

Vivien said...

i think i stayed there for much cheaper rate, RM130(not mistaken, it is corporate rate), their breakfast is very repetitive from day to day, but it does fill you up nicely

i like their fish noodle/rice/porridge around town area(near Sime Tyre shop)

worldwindows said...

BKL... Just a little extra for son and wife.

Vivien... RM130 is cheap. Mine is RM180 for 2 with B/F. Extra bed + B/F is RM65. Thanks for visiting. You have a comprehensive post on Sekeping Serendah. Would love to go.