Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kukup Seafood - Johor

New Kukup Restaurant is the last of a long row of seafood restaurants. This one has the best views.
Kukup is almost at the south-west tip of Johore. If KLites go to Tg Sepat for their seafood fix then, JB and Singapore folks would land in Kukup. From NSE exit at Skudai and head towards UTM. After a few kilometers lookout for the turn-off to Kukup/Pontian. From there it would be 40 mins to 1 1/2 hours depending on the traffic and the driver.

I remember my last visit 11 years ago. With a Thai couple we headed south in a S70 Volvo driven by a Datin. We were on eagle's wings. The food then was better. As for the food now, clams were below par as the chili sauce was flat. The 'kai lan' portion were tiny and pathetic. We ended up ordering another equally pathetic 'siew pak choy'.
Kukup is also an international ferry departure point to various parts of Indonesia.Crabs with roes - a fresh as it can be!
Jenahak (Hung Joe) - Teochew style, sweet and firm. Almost spooned off all the sourish sauces for my white rice.
Prawns - Its been a long time I had such fresh ones.
Fresh oyster omelette 'or chien'. No starch flour added. Just oyster and eggs. The taste of the sea was embodied in these oysters. Delicious.
Deep-fried baby squids. Crunchy and sweet with caramelized outer layer.
Clams were not of the kind that I liked. I prefers lala (with lines criss-crossing the shell) clams. Chili was a mismatch. Wonder how the concotation came about.


teckiee said...

hehe but i guess its ok for seafood restaurant to serve pathetic seafood as long as the seafood is good..heheh

SimpleGirl said...

the fried oysters looks good, big pieces of oysters ya!can see that the prawns are super fresh as well...great place for seafood ya! what about price? must be expensive ya?!

Selba said...

Very yummy seafood.... I really like the pic of the crabs with roes, it's so tempting to try, ya?

Food Paradise said...

wow.... the seafoods look fresh and delicious. If I have a chance to drop by Johor, will sure give it a try. ^o^

backStreetGluttons said...

We have been here many years ago , once when we hopped over to Indonesia. The seafood restaurants here look very similar to those cheaper than the usual run down types in Tg Sepat , parts of Klang and even Bagan Lalang. We were not impressed by the Kukup seafood then amd probably not now , after your experience !

worldwindows said...

Teckiee... The kitchen fouled up. But the sea always delivers.

SG... It was a treat by my friends. But not cheap. I think the aqua farmed Jenahak is at Rm42/kg.

Selba... Most crabs are supplied from Indonesia!

FP... Go for minimalist cooking style to take advantage of the freshness.

BSG... There is an increased of Malay seafood restaurants. I may tried it the next trip.

foodbin said...

i think the prawns and the or chien should be the two star dishes.

worldwindows said...

Yes I agreed. The crabs are underweight. The premium ones should have ended up in JB or Singapore.

mimid3vils said...

The oysters so big huh~~

worldwindows said...

Bigger that the usual ones served in Mahkota area, Melaka and Gurney, Penang.