Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iberico Ham - Fitou Brasserie, Desa Parkcity

There were caviar, kobe, truffles and then Spanish Iberico ham. These ham came from dark skin free ranging pigs fed from foraging on oaks' acorn. Limited to just a million heads due to lack of oak trees.

The meat is cured and matured through the seasons. Qoute, "First cured in salt and then aged in the fresh mountain air of western Spain, the hams rely on the most natural "cuisine" of all, the four seasons. "

Slightly chewy, dense, reddish and flavourful meat. Texture is like well done steak. The rich taste is in stark contrast to the pen-raised cousins. Just some light seasoning with some crushed peppercorns and viola the matured ham will speak for itself.

The service was attentive. Both of us were having almost all of the indoor area as most were having their alfresco overlooking the man-made lake.

Others who have been there: Cumi & Ciki

Cost: RM175 (inclusive of drinks and 5% + 10%)

Photos: Sorry for the bad shots.

This is an experience for an inexperience fine diner. Two smallish chunks with peeled and pitted pears. RM70.
Duck Config with Spinach. Meat was dry, tough and chewy. Potato strips was soggy. Small portion. The only fresh and nice was the green leaves. RM28.Summer Seafood Platter. Rough tomato puree, thought it was almost freshly made. Taste So So. Seafood was average. RM19. Grasshopper


thenomadGourmand said...

aiyo...didnt seem impressive at all for the ham..anywhere else can get that otr than fitou? mayb..Chiaroscuro II @ Jalan Bedara?

CUMI & CIKI said...

hehe.. didja love the view or what ...

babe_kl said...

doesnt sound great for dat kinda price huh?

last weekend we were at One Noodle next door. the price is so ex and the food so so only. i think i'll stick with their HQ at kepong baru!

foodbin said...

iberico ham are the best in the world-what happen to the photos-bad lighting?

Life for Beginners said...

Sounds like quite a hit-and-miss... and for those prices, I'd rather more hits than misses... :P

worldwindows said...

TNG... I am no finer diner. Chiaroscuro II @ Jalan Bedara? Will check out.

CampC... Focus on my wife. Dinner for 2:) View is not superb as we can't sit near the railing. A five foot way section is created for public rights of passage!

BKL... Not value for money so far. Have not tried more.

FB... Using my Nokia E90. Not good with dim dining .

LfB... The Iberico is something. Prepared like dried Chinese sausage but longer. And the meat exquisite. The rest forgettable.