Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tomatoes Omelette - Homecooking

Tomato Omelette is a very simple food served in many provincial eateries and even restaurant. Its simple yet it can be tough to master. I enjoyed mine in Kunming, Shangri-la and other southern China towns.
I remembered the taste well. The well-beaten egg. The fragrance of the egg fried on the wok and the tomato taste interacting well with the eggs.

I remembered I could not get my dish to the level of tartness that I wanted as local tomatoes are sweet. And also pretty firm making preparation harder. It's breed to survived the trip to the market. When I was younger tomatoes were sour than sweet. And not forgetting easily bruised. This characteristics allow it to be chopped and smashed so get it get mixed with other ingredients.

3 egg beaten with some water
3 tomatoes chopped to tiny bits
2 tbsp lemon juice
Some dashes cracked black pepper
Pour the beaten eggs in first and swirled it to get the diameter we want. Then add in the chopped tomatoes and the salt and black pepper to taste. A few minutes will be sufficient for the top to firm. Once done remove from fire

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