Wednesday, June 6, 2018

MiMi Korean Restaurant, Ara Damansara

The food entrepreneurs are moving in to Ara Damansara  It is likely due to good rental rates. MiMi is located at an area I have not been to before despite living here for 1½ years. It is a cluster of shops next to the huge Tesco. The master developer seems to prefer to have clusters of shops in different parts of this township rather than a huge and big commercial centre where the hive of business activities will be.

This was a gem of a place to eat. Corner shop with a nice patch of grass next to it. Authentic taste. Definitely better than the buffet eats. You pay a bit more for the quality of the meat and vegetables  Care was placed in the balance of the various Korean tastes and not allow one to overwhelm the other. The Korean chilis can be so fiery it can drown out others. The bean paste can be very salty and sauces too sweet.

I have a preference already as it is not that spicy as to fiery hot. I enjoyed it without burning my tongue and not enjoying the 2nd half of my meal with a 'burnt' tongue.

My octopus was great and it was  quite some portion and it took some time to finish. The pork belly was subtly marinated and cooked and then placed in a hot plate. Very nice indeed. I was not supposed to be overwhelmed with too sweet and salty taste. Good job. The kimchi soup again not overpowering esp some kimchi is so spicy and salty that I stopped eating them altogether .

The banchan looked ungenerous, but the quality again was gold. For instance I got buttery mashed potatoes, cold tofu with some nice and tasty garnishes that enhances the rich flavour....

MiMi Korean Restaurant
C-G-19 Taipan Damansara
Jalan PJU 1A/3, Ara Damansara

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