Sunday, June 3, 2018

Savannakhet Night Market Food

We managed to out in some time at the Savannakhet Night Market. It was bustling with people and activities i.e. eating. I am sure with time we can eat through the whole market and find out which are the better food. But alas we can only sample some per trip.

And here are some rather uninspiring dinner we had. We were not in the mood to experiment. We go for rice with sides very much like the Chinese Siew Chow. Deep-fried chicken, Squid and deep-fried pork with Kai Lan. Just wanted to eat and get back to our rooms.

The food were well packaged and for a city that is considered one of the largest it certainly has some ambition and the food was also influenced by the Thai across the river. The last dish was Som Tam an every spicy and very eastern Thai.

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