Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Universal Noodles (Pork Bones Noodles) - Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

On a late night dinner at Citta Mall and was turned away by established joints and it was just 9:37pm.  They lost me as a customer. Any way, we managed to wandered into this relatively new noodles shop. Saw it a few times but wasn't really hankering for noodles then.

According to their Chinese signage it was stated as Pork Bones Soup Noodles. Another sign said 'No MSG'. My meal was intended to be quick as I did  not want to slow their closing shop time. But the soup was hot and slurpy so it was slower meal.

Good soup, I wonder how long they will boil the pork bones to get the necessary stock for their soup. Anyway the portion was big and the toppings were a big huge portion. They have 4 choices and can choose any combinations. Minced pork paste, pork slices, liver and small intestines. I added a fish cake for my sides. Found the paste good but the skin a bit more chewy than normal.

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