Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gong Cha, KLIA2

Taiwanese Tea with lots of different types of fillings has been the rage for many years and has spread throughout the world where the Chinese diaspora is. The fillings, from Taro to nuts, jellies, seed, beans, grains and cereals.

First pic, had me arriving at KLIA2 picking up my Gong Cha and pretzel. My first introduction to Taiwanese Tea was in Kaoshiong, Taiwan. And it was Gong Cha (pic 2 and 3).

My favourite will be Milk Tea and Pearls, most of the time! The tea is usually thick with a slight bitter taste. This is how tea should taste to me. Then the pearls are heavenly. Chewy and challenging me to a bite fight. You know what I mean.

The various franchises has fine tune the operations to a fault. You can have the sugar at a few various levels. And the combinations though there is no mix and match are already too much to handle for the customer. Next time when taking a break, go to one of these Taiwanese Tea houses.

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