Friday, May 25, 2018

Thai Food at Indochina Market Shops - Mukdahan Thailand

The braised chicken feet is a compulsory order for each customer. We followed suit. And came away without regret. The feet were up and ready for order. it will be put through a pot of of sauce and broth and then dished out with some of the broth and sauces. Skin was dropping off the bones. We got to sucking up the collagen being extra careful not to sucjked in the digits off the churckne feet. Again the soy sauce plus whatever they pput in got our diner of to a great vstart.

What followed were ubiqitious Thai food: Phad Thai and Kailan stirred fried with deep-fried pork (like roast pork). The later seems to be a common dish in Thai homes. It is more prevalent than I realised. I find it in the menu sheet in the north, in the east, central and also Laos. For one the deep fried pork with crispy rind is a big thing among the Thais.

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