Thursday, May 10, 2018

Boat Noodles, Citta Mall Ara Damansara

There is a merry-go-round musical chair happening in Citta Mall. Eateries are moving out but there is no short fall in new joints moving in. To each their confidence, the new entrepreneurs, and for those who moved out, likely a conclusion it's not worth the while anymore.

We tried out the Boat Noodles, which is still hugely popular wherever we go. It normally enjoys good crowd most the time when compared to other restaurants in the same Mall.

The food is Thai-grade. And the springy noodles I got was average. The small sliver of beef and beef Balls were fine. The soup was good. At RM280 per bowl, I was supposed to order 4!

From 1992 since I started traveling to Thailand on many occasions. I have eaten their food and find that they were particularly spicy and tasty (sweet, savoury, tart and the fish sauce was used liberally). However, it was too strong to for the Cantonese here. Not for my wife though as she is Hokkien. And she fell for Thai food heads over heels!

And the skewered chicken and beef balls were good though I wished it was a bit more solid in the area of the meat. And their Ayam Legend (Chicken Chop portion) was tender and properly cooked.  Sometimes both won't appear together. The skin was enjoyable, still some fat and yet crisp. Marination sauces were up to mark as I could taste it in the meat.

Finally  the dipping g sauce was very God but only of one kind as far as I can see at least for these food I ordered. No doubt the sauce was good, chili flakes, lime juice, fish sauce  sugar and cilantro. But I hope I will see more types appear as I patronise them and order other food in the future.

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