Sunday, May 13, 2018

Khao Piak Tapioca and Rice Noodles - Mukdahan, Thailand

Khao Piak noodles are made from about 50% tapioca and 50% rice flour. It is famous in this region inclusive of the land across the river Mekong i.e. Laos. This shop's noodles came with soft bones pork ribs, fish and preserved pork together with mini cruller. The broth was so thick and intense and it was nice when combined with the sticky pliable noodles.

My bowl has the egg half cooked. A good decision given that the soup was so sweet. Took some of the edge away. Generous with shakes of cracked black pepper and some sprinkling of deep-fried onions.

I had a mix bowl with toppings from sliced preserved pork, soft bones pork ribs and fish which I presumed was tilapia. However, this may not be as it felt muscular and tough.

This famous eatery is a short walk from the Thai Laos International Bus Station. Its here we boarded for our trip to cross into Laos and return too.

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