Saturday, January 13, 2018

Vietnamese Thai Rice Rolls Breakfast - Chiangmai

This small shop serves Vietnamese food since a long ago. I went here for lunch on 2 or 3 occasions having some really tasty food esp the Bun Thit Nuong that gets you rolling grill pork pieces and lots of herbs and vegetables in lettuce leaves.

Arriving early on an AirAsia flight I was hunkering for some B/F. Told my friend I was thinking of this hole in the wall shop and viola we were there. Aside from the rush hour jam Chiangmai is easy to get from A to B.

There were many Vietnamese Thai esp those that escaped Vietnam during the war and settled down in Northeast Thailand. And from there they fanned out all over the country.

What I am having is called Pho Vien Chan or Vientiane Noodles. I am sure its not Laotian noodles but it is likely that the Vietnamese owners may have migrated from Laos.

We have rice flour being spread on a flat steamer and then steamed for to form a rice skin. Minced pork was on it and then rolled into a Chee Cheong Fun like wraps.

The taste was subtle unless one emptied the sweet fish source onto the rolls. My friend did but I am too Cantonese to do it. I preferred the food to speak for itself.

The minced pork was also tasty but not overpowering. The plenteous minced pork show the generosity of the hawker. The preserved pieces of pork were typical of Vietnamese food it went to almost anywhere as far as food was concerned. The taste was more delicate and less peppery. Not forgetting the rice skin, the texture was sticky and yet soft to the palate not like rice paper which is more rigid.

Overall a good breakfast and BTW I had 2 plates.

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