Thursday, January 25, 2018

Iconic Thai Breakfast Teochew Style - Chiangmai Thailand

Thai porridge comes thick. And it can be very elaborate indeed as can be seen here. My friend's wife dished this out early in the morning.

The bland rice must be paired with strong taste for it to satisfied the palate and stomach. And the Thais has many 'tools'  in their employ to do it. Their omelette with minced pork is one of the most tasty comfort food one can get. Eggs fried till its natural fragrance intermingling with the well marinated pork in fish sauce. A fantastic dish that makes everyone happy before the start of the day.

Then the dried shrimps fried till crisp with, julienned ginger, chopped small onions and bird's-eye chili. Another strong taste dish that went well with 'flat' rice. Rounding up the morning's breakfast with some spinach and pickled leek bulbs. With my stomach full, I am ready to face the day.

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