Friday, January 19, 2018

Iconic Thai Fish, Old and New - Chiangmai

Thai food can be very enticing and addictive. They have their own distinctive regional food and also influences from the neighbours and the Chinese and Vietnamese. A regional denominator will be their spices and curry as well as also usage of lots of vegetables in pods, beans and leaves.

They are also very adaptable people and case in point will be their taking to the engineered Tilapia fish. Its cheap, meaty and blend well with their sauces. Sometimes I thought that they are more interested in the food texture and lesser on taste. Especially with the vast amount of strong sauces they employ alongside their food.

The tilapia went well with the sweet and very spicy fish sauce.  Of course the degree was determined by the number of crushed or chopped birdseye chili added to it.

Another fish item which ranks as an iconic food to the Thai will be their Pla Thu which is a short mackerel cooked with it's head bent or forced down before being sold on bamboo baskets in the market. It's similar to our cooked kembong fish sold in wet market in bamboo baskets. The fish has a broad and thick body thus its a meaty fish with lots of flesh to offer. It's easy to dish out. Just pan-fried them in wok and you have a fine tasting fish. The fish goes well with a sweet belacan sauce.

Hahaha... the ubiquitous Tomyam King
Kailan fried with roast pork. Very Thailand also very Chinese
Raw cucumber and round brinjal - good with the belacan sauce

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