Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Paradise Restaurant Bercham Ipoh

Famous local food hunt is the order of the day. As someone that goes home to Ipoh a few times a year, food slots are precious indeed. It not only occupies my eating time but also my fellowship time with my family in the city where I was born.  We eat, talk and renew our blood ties.

Some old fashion eating for old nuts like me are a must. This age group appreciates food that has history and not just those "fleeting" establishments that come and go. Old badges are worn with honour. It is not just nostalgia that kept the eatery going, but also the pride and appreciation to a business that has given them the opportunities to send their children to study overseas, obtain good medical care when necessary and the provision of needs and wants of life.

Arriving at 10am+ is no scant comfort! The place was still full. We got to wait around tables to secure it as the customers finish and leave.

The Yong Liew was excellent. Big portions and good fish paste. The giant stuffed Tofu is really big and it's 3-4 times the normal size. I find no fault this this all time favourite of the Ipohans

Then come the dumplings of various kinds. Char Siew (BBQ pork), Wu Kok (Yam dumplings), Nam Yee Kou Yoke (Bean paste belly pork). Freshly made and just off the steamer made great dumplings. I like the taste of the fillings even though it was on the sweet side. Sugar may have been used as a replacement for MSG. 

Their famous Nam Yue Kou Yoke dumplings. Its what everybody come here for. It's rectangular and usually both ends are open, but here it's sealed. Break it open and the moisture and runny lard will show and flow.  Overall a good place to enjoy some good food and fast service.

632, Lorong Bercham 6, Kampung Bercham, Bercham, Ipoh

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