Monday, January 22, 2018

The Oriental Food Restaurant - Bandar Menjalara

We were hungry and looking for food Menjalara. It was late and most restaurants have closed. We ended up here as this restaurant caters to the night owls and close late to the night.

The bowls and plates were fine dining porcelain. Environment-wise it could be better. The food is of standard. The grouper was steamed to our taste and the texture of the meat attested to it. The soy sauce which is an important component of steam fish was good and brought the flavour out.

Then we had sharkfin soup. Horror of horrors to some. I was not sure why we decided to have a bowl. I have not ordered this particular dish for easily more than 15 years. Tasted pretty ordinary if not for the chef who was careful to add lots of fresh crab meat inside the soup. It enhanced the taste tremendously esp when the fins were of no taste.

Then our rather common dish with fine dining places. Ridge gourd with fish paste. It can be rather expensive in Chinese restaurants as sometimes they used top of the line fish for this.

If all the Menjalara's restaurants have closed on you, you still have one that will welcome you.

45-G, Jalan 3/62a, Bandar Menjalara

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