Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Physalis Peruviana (Cape Gooseberry)

I came back from Chiangmai with 3kg of these Cape Gooseberry. My friend bought from the market at RM15 per kg. The origin is from the hill tribes who grew them on the mountains of North Thailand and they plenty of it. Originally it was from the Highlands of Peru and Chile but has spread everywhere and is even grown in the tropics albeit in the Highlands.

The taste is sweet and tart. It has lots of small seeds. The esters emitted is out of my range as it's the first for me. I have no point of reference. It's firm on the bite but soft inside. Someone said it's an acquired taste. That was also my first thought. Personally, the taste is quite good and agreeable to my palate.

I bought a small tray from Tesco a few weeks ago when it was a marked down from RM160 per kg to RM40 per kg. These were from USA. Try it if get chance esp when in Thailand as the price is 10% of the imported from USA variety.

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