Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Myanmar Dishes (Chinese and Indian Influences), Yangon

A very short trip to Yangon and some simple food to boot. Stayed near the airport to facilitate movements as Yangon can be very jam during the day. Its a far cry from my last trip 12 years ago where life and consequently vehicular traffic can be sedentary mostly.

My host took me to a nice Myanmar restaurant serving pre-cooked food laid on a long tables as though theses are mixed rice (chap fan). It is flanked by a western and Chinese, similarly appointed, all owned by a single owner.

Highlight of the meal are these 2 pieces of pork and mutton. I found their food aromatic and pleasant to the palate. Surprisingly it was not hot (spicy). My host told me that most of their local food are raised and foundated on onion, garlic and ginger bases. The gravy was generous and I was like a happy child in my early years excitedly spooning those delectable gravies on to my plate of rice obliviously to my host. I was not too sure it was rude but then who will  not be delighted if the food was enjoyed completely.

Delectable pork and mutton Burmese style

Very Chinese Fried Popiah
And very South East Asian Salad
Stir fried Kangkung - northern neighbour influenced
Dhal - western neighbour influenced

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