Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kwai Lam Seafood Restaurant, Subang New Village

Never have I been so spoilt for food adventures. The GPS apps are big Boon for foodie to explore with accuracy in terms of getting to the destination and also speedily. Timing can be planned to the dot on the arrival time esp to avoid peak sectors. Also Google for the restaurant and the operating hours and their holidays will be displayed. Most importantly the reviews from various customers are there for all to read and appreciate. Then coming to a decision to go or not to go will be a breeze.

Since moving here I have been thinking of eating at TUDM/Subang New Village area for a while. Kwai Lam came on the radar. We arrived at 9pm just away from the peak session. Seemingly most of the crowd are gone or it may be the sign of bad times and people are eating out that much. I expected the restaurant to be half full.

Known for their Ikan Bakar, I went for grilled Stingray. Totally fresh, grilled to perfection. Meat was tender and been light sauced the fish taste came to the fore. Those who want a heavily sauced fish can use the Sambal belacan and seafood sauce to accompanied the fish.

I hardly order mantis prawns since all my experiences was not very good as I simply do not like the spongy texture of the prawn. I was rewarded this time as the taste was heavy with caramelised exterior and the sauces deeply ingrained. Most of all the meat was firm and dense. The texture was fantastic. Beyond expectations!

The lala was overcooked and the soup was without the strong rice wine taste and fragrance. The saving grace was the Hokkien Mee. Fried to dry perfection. All the sauces hanging on the fat noodles. My verdict - the best Hokkien Mee around. For those of like the Old PJ Food Court Hokkien Mee who has fed the residents there for over 40 years, this you will enjoy.

5, Jalan TUDM, Kg Subang, Shah Alam, 40150, Shah Alam

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