Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Milkfish Belly - Nanjichang Night Market area Taipei

Milk fish is known to have lots of fine sharp bones and is almost inedible. Today I was brought by a local to sample this incredible and delightful dish.  I was told the fish was cooked till the bones have dissolves. I doubt so. I think it is more likely to have been debones by an expert.

The soup is aromatic and the fish cooked in its own juices with some julienned ginger and chopped spring onions.

I have eaten milk fish in various forms in Philippines (bangus), Indonesia (bandeng) and Bangladesh (hilsa). This was tops as it allowed the fish's subtle sweet and milky flesh to speaks for itself.

Does it taste milky as it's name so directly refer? If you have a chance to eat this fish, try chewing it thoroughly and allow your saliva's enzyme to act on it. I believe you would wholehearted agree that it's name correctly refers to how the fish taste in the mouth.

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