Friday, December 8, 2017

Cijin Island Seafood, Kaoshiong, Taiwan

We had our mandatory seafood dinner in Cijin Island just off the port city Kaoshiong. These seafood could not be fresher. Just off the fishing boat, dressed and prepared and ready to go in the wok. All these costed the 2 of us RM126. The red snapper was done just right. It came with candle fires below. The sauces were rolling and the fish was piping hot. Meat was fresh and lovely on the palate. Nothing beats the fresh taste of the sea.

The baby octopus was slight uncooked but I think for a reason. It's not rubber or crunchy but rather soft and the inside was moist and jelly like. Eaten with pickled ginger and cabbage its has the oomph. The Lala was very fresh and it's pretty neat as it was fried in basil leaves leaving a aromatic smell and earthy taste on the clams.

The crystal fish was like bait fish. Deep-fried in batter and eaten with pepper, the meat was tender and fresh to the palate. I believe that this fish should be chewed longer for us to taste its goodness.

Finally the vege is called 'sansu' in the local vernacular. It was crunchy, smooth but not slimy and sweet. If available in Malaysia it will be a hit!

All my food in the cold....

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