Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hakka Noodles and Dishes in Miaoli Taiwan

Hakkas made up of 20% of Taiwan's population. They migrated from Guangdong and Fujian in the 18th century. We ate at Miaoli County situated between Hsinchu and Taichung.

Believe it or not simple rural dishes do not need to cost an arm and a leg. These set me back only RM28.

We had a plate of meat from the pig's head. Imagine facial meat and some cartilages. Surprisingly fresh as it has no stale smell at all as these meat do not keep well. Served with lots of julienned ginger.

Next bowl was Hakka noodles with wanton. These noodles are the same with that we have in Malaysia. Then a bowl of 'Ban Teow' flat noodles. The sauce has to be thoroughly mixed with the flat noodles. I suspect there's the usual sugar, bean paste and soy sauces thick and thin plus maybs some secret ingredients.

And finally the ubiquitous and obligatory vege dish. Cabbages in Taiwan are like Kangkong and Sawi in Malaysia. Its everywhere. Cooked with lots  of moisture, it's wet and topped up with deep fried onions.

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