Thursday, August 3, 2017

Restoran Da Feng Sho - Ara Damansara

The have just shifted to new premises just behind their old lot. It has better ambiance, clean and organised. The service has always been good for the 5 times we were there. The Hunanese (not Szechuanese) food is adictive and there are lots of meat dishes. Meat lovers will return to taste what's on the menu. Those who love spicy food will also has more incentive to be there.

My post of Da Feng Sho in their old premise

These lamb ribs were really tasty. Savoury and meat was tender, it was falling off the bones. I thought the ribs were pressure cooked first till tender before spices were rubbed on it and fried in a wok till fragrant and dry. The spices used may be aplenty since flavours exploded in my mouth. A must order and won't come cheap.
 The ubiquitous Hunan dish. Fish fillet in spicy broth. Peppercorn that numbed, lots of dried chillis of different kinds together with finger and all kinds of herbs. The uniqueness of this dish was the inclusion of the devils yam, the size of a slimmer and shorter version of the French Fries. Check it out on the next photo. I asked the chef when I found it and unsure of the texture since the piece looked like lard. He explained that devil's yam has medicinal values and it is also a clean vege since its a tuber and will not be contaminated with pesticides etc.
Devil's Yam/Devil's Tongue, a tuber that looks like lard pieces and also feel like it though you don't get that oily feeling when chewing on it
This common Chinese cabbage in special milky broth (from fish bones I suspect) was exquisite at RM20. You get the common marrying the valuable to get an uncommon dish. It's takes some ingenuity to design this for the newly minted rich folks who yearned for their village comfort food. Just my take from an imagination at overdrive. Later, at digging in found they have also added mustard leaves but I would have preferred 100% Chinese Cabbage. There were small dried scallops as part of churning out this broth. I am sure it will taste better if they used bigger and better quality dried scallops.

1-12, Jalan PJU 1A/20F
Dataran Ara Damansara

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Thanks for the info! Passed by today and was kinda sad and thought the restaurant was close for good.