Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant Ara Damansara

We have a hungry young man hankering for a big bite despite having an ABC so people and a big bun an hour earlier.

The Banchan came and the vegetables were really nice. Well cooked and came across as though they were cooked with some good pork bones stock. I literally whacked all of them.

Our first order were for these pork and beef and it was our last. The portions were big and the meat well marinated with sweet or savoury bean paste or chili sauce. And with a  crystal stone as a hot plate we felt like cavemen for a moment in time.

The beef slices were good and we had them with bean paste, raw garlic and chili slices all wrapped with lettuce leaves. Flavourful solid meat and leafy vege combination.

The pork chop-looking slices were well marinated and texture-wise it gave a bit of a fight. Chewed well and it yielded an excellent piece of tasty meat.

Lastly, we had the pork ribs that tasted and looked like lamb. But it was pork. We had it cooked together with chili marinated squid. However, we had the short end of the stick with the pork ribs. It was flavourful but the meat was tough.

The saving grace was the squid. Chili that tasted like chili but not too hot. Worked into a paste with sauce conditioners it clung to the squid pieces and the bland squid came alive with multiple flavours. Subtle yet stood out to be seen and tested.

Overall it was a good food and service.

R-08, 1st Floor, Oasis Square, No.2, Jalan PJU A/7A Ara Damansara

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