Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pho Viet Cafe - Penang

We got a Vietnamese set meal. Like a Bento set but in an open tray made from weaved bamboo. Well, ingenious food presentation. Check out the various sets. Rice in claypot-pork-bone (Vietnamese), belly pork marinated in fish sauce inside a soup bowl (Western?), pickled ca phao (African eggplant), spring rolls and blanched veges in Asian bamboo trays. 

The bell pork was nasty. They taste were wicked. Absolutely great Vietnamese! The pickled ca phao or tiny white eggplant was extremely sour and tasty. The seeds altered the texture of the food as it gave it a nutty feel. Coupled with the crunch from the vege, it's a 'beautiful' dish. Beware, this tray will cause you to eat lots of rice.
The ubiquitous Banh Xeo, a pancake or pizza like dish with seafood inside plus lots of veges esp taugeh (in Vietnam). The batter is usually yellow in colour and it will come out yellowish. The crisp side will be on the pan and heated till the surface crisped up. The inside will be soft and moist. Go figure how it tasted when dipped into a pickled sweet sour based fish sauce.
Sweet, sour, spicy and fishy sauce with julienne carrot
Yay, they got one of my favourite shake - SinhTo Bur (Avocado) 
496, Lebuh Pantai, George Town

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