Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cam Ranh Strategic Port and Nhà Trang Beautiful Seaside Resort

Airasia is now flying to Cam Ranh and within striking distance will be Nhà Trang with its beautiful beaches and its well-appointed resorts. 

First of all Cam Ranh in itself is an attraction for those militarily inclined. In my younger days during the Vietnam War, I have read of the many operations stemming out from Cam Ranh Bay where the Americans have their depot, air and naval base. After the war the Soviet Union used it for the naval activities. The Cam Ranh port is considered the best deep sea port in South East Asia and situated within an inlet (check it out in Google Maps). 

Couple of weeks ago, I took a domestic Vietnam Airlines flight to Cam Ranh early one morning. I arrived the night before and stayed at Ibis at Saigon Airport. It was a short hop either way so that I can do an easy getaway. The I got back using Jetstar Pacific. However, comes mid-Sept it will be a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur. From Cam Ranh airport to Nhà Trang is an hour drive away or about 51km. Be prepared to sit in the coach  for at least am hour + to get to Nhà Trang. 

Nhà Trang has a rustic slow 'Tai Chi' movement feel. Like Pattaya, Cha Am and Phuket in Thailand. However, it has some of the best resorts around and mind you these do not some cheap. Any real estate that is part right in front of the beautiful beaches are not affordable to the budget traveller. And Nhà Trang has been a famous resort for years. You can see that the standard of living there is higher. 

My Bun Cha Cà, Tuna, Jellyfish and Fish Cake Noodles from Nhà Trang. A very famous noodles dish here. A must have. 

Had a simple people's lunch in Cam Ranh where our plane landed. Nhà Trang is an hour away. Pan fried tuna and tuna soup. Why people's lunch? Tuna is Cà Ngu is ofter pronounced as Cà Nguoi. "Nguoi " means people. And looking at this humble small fish I can imagine why it's the people's fish. Everyone can afford it. 
And what's stopping you from getting a few cuppas of really explosive gunpowder. These cofcee is really powerful. And the favourite Vietnamese breakfast of fillings (eggs, cheeses and all kinds of meat and vege and herbs) inside the baguette, a French influence. Don't leave your hotel without drinking one

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