Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hot Plate Pancakes and Kueh - Sungai Buloh New Village

We had a leisurely drive from the other side of Kampung Melayu Sungai Buloh after our Malay rice lunch. With 2 agenda we will be shooting across Jalan Sungai Buloh to the Chinese side. Nothing will distract us from our food search. 45+ years of knowing each other has amalgamed this newly formed band of brothers to set aside their afternoon for lunch and tea.  

Twisting and tuning we finally got there and viola there was not much of a crowd despite not far from Kg. Selamat MRT station and reachable by feeded buses. I have heard hordes of senior citizens and those with time to kill riding MRT to look for famous food around d the stations. 

They kuih here is famous. Some say they are Foochow and some Hakka. To be sure the boss spoke Hakka and also a humorous fellow. I have eaten most of their offering and find it good and of quality. 
Their famous Hot Plate Pancakes with 3 different fillings. 

Ham Chim Pang. Fragrant and tasty. Not to be missed. 

This is really good. Vegetables gyoza. Must buy. Delectable skin and equally delicious fillings. Let it crunch in your mouth. 

345A, Jalan Besar, Kampung Baru, 
Sungai Buloh,
Tel: 0361562931

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