Thursday, August 24, 2017

Aliyaa Sri Lankan Restaurant Bukit Damansara

The treat at this Sri Lankan joint was received with relish. It was my first Sri Lankan eat in Malaysia. I have enjoyed food in Sri Lanka but it had been alot of western ones as I lodged in their Little England in the highlands of Nuwara Eliya. The highlight of the entire trip was having anteater meat which tasted like beef and chicken all at one go. The texture was tough but tasted really good when deep-fried by my host.

Aliyaa has received high marks from my benefactor and his introducer a Ceylonese. As a typical restaurant in a posh area and the interior was well appointed and thought out. The ambience was comfy. And they have space.

The 4 Amigos/Sambels with Pappadams came first. The were of fish, onion, coconut and curry leaves base. From mild to burning hot. The tastes went from pungent to spicy, fishy, salty and then to curry leafish.  Enjoy the smorgasbord of titillating flavours. A good start and preparatory phase to enter onto the real food! And don't over indulge and spoil the mains!

Then the Rotti, string hoppers and lumprais (rice baked in spices and curry in a banana leaf) arrived, a nice Asian way to getting into the meat phase. Well the meat and carbo are to go together. To take advantage of the curry or gravy and also to mitigate the salt in the meat and curry where most cooks like to use alot of it to really flavour the dish.

We had mutton bone peratal (with bone marrow) and prawn curry as the mains. Is it the same as some of those banana leaf restaurants? I could barely discerned but then the taste and smell should I say were more subtle and settled here. A more mature rather than a uncertain roller-coaster ride? Did I enjoy it? Yes, but then was it so good that I have to return for more asap? I have yet to return but suffice to say the food was good.

The lady's fingers or Bendi Oli was cooked with mustard seeds and very South Asian to put it in a politically correct way. They were onions and tomatoes. By the way, it was stir fried. Rare in South Asian restaurants where vegetables were given the lots of 'heat' treatment. It was good.

I have always enjoyed this dish and ordered it all the time. The mustard seeds made it really regional. And shall I say I like mustard seeds to bits. Just wondering when some 'experts' will come up and pronounce the mustard seeds are good for health and you need a teaspoon a day to keep the doctor away like they have done for turmeric and cinnamon. Just saying tongue in cheek!

Ask for straw to draw the marrow. Shock a few people with this unorthodox way. After all you paid for it.

Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara

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