Thursday, June 29, 2017

Roast Pork to Live For - Homecooking

Finally got the setting right for the oven after 5 tries. Familiarity breeds confidence. The results are there to see and to eat. 

Use a good mix of white pepper, Chinese five spice and salt. Amount according to taste. Give the mixture a good rub on all the surfaces of the pork except the skin. Scoring the skin with a sharp is important. Half a centimeter apart. 

A few hours in the refrigerator for the spices to penetrate and also the skin to dry out.  Pop it into the oven one hour before the meal. No need to lay salt on the skin. Forty minutes at 180°C and then bump it up to 240°C the last 5-10 minutes. The first stage is to get the pork cooked and the second stage is to get the skin to bubble thoroughly. If some areas of the rind is carbonised scrap it off with a knife. The key is to watch the oven at the last stage. 

Crispy rind makes it a great delightful meal when there is a good layer of lean meat and fat. Get a good block of belly pork. 

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