Saturday, June 24, 2017

Restoran Da Feng Sho Ara Damansara

Another discovery in Ara Damansara. Not actually, as we have seen this restaurant tucked away in a corner of a row of shops. Its partially hidden by a line of trees. We are going easy so was not in rush to check it out as it's right in front of our Aragreens Residences condo.

Don't be surprised at the mainland Mandarin being spoken here. Many of its dishes ingredients are sourced from China. Quite some of the food are inspired from Hunan province.

To say the food here is spicy is an understatement. It's fiery hot. Honestly, I couldn't handle it. The peppercorn or (malat) 'explodes' in the mouth. The aftermath or morning after, is part and parcel for me if I were to consume this type of food. But man, it's really good and addictive. Reminder to ask for milder version next time.

No worries, they have an extensive menu and lots of food that's not fiery and simply ask them to tone it down. I fancy their braised trotters and will try when have more kaki makan.

This lamb ribs done with lots of spices and finished really dried. I called it fried dried. Not a single drop of moisture or oil. It's so dry and crisp outside that it looked like a desert. The inside was tasty tender meat. And it's so delicious. A must order.
The next 2 dishes were their signatures. We ordered one with fish and the other with pork in soup base. Lots of ginger, spring onions, peppercorns, dry chillis and the broth was so delectable. However, these 2 were really hard for me to handle disgestively speaking. But more than make up by the superb taste.

Another strong in taste dish.
Looked to me a common folk's dish. Cabbages aplenty stirred fried with lots of wok hei. As simple as it was, exuded class. A good dish.

Peppercorns and star anise staple spices, the usual suspects in Hunanese cuisine

Address: F-11 PJU 1A/20C, Dataran Ara Damansara

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