Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mildly Caramelised Pork Chops - Homecooking

I got a few pieces of pork ribs from the end with chunks, or rather, chops of meat attached to it. I was thinking King of using for soup. Change my mind to try a mild caramelised chop.

I got it marinated overnight with sesame oil, honey, garlic and soy sauce. The next day I have it slow cook over a pan for 20-30mins. The meat is slightly chewy but that's the intention. I don't need the meat to fall off the bones. The taste was fantastic.

Tip: The key is the honey. Give it enough to get the caramelisation you want. I gave my Capilano honey three squeeze since the meat is not alot. This is good for those who do not want a thick syrupy coating of sugar.

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