Friday, June 2, 2017

Restoran Xan Ling - Segambut

Tucked in a corner of Segambut amongst the old and new, Xan Ling is not trying hard to escape from its past as the old is better than the new. It seems that this nondescript joint started out from the home kitchen in difficult times and flourished into what they are today. In fact they leverage their past and have opened a few more branches.

They are famous for the noodles. More like Pan Mee, in comes in a claypot. Packed with goodness, meat and prawns it's a must order dish. Get this in start of rice. It's value for money. An order can easily feeds four and that's the normal size.

If you still want rice you can ask for yam or mustard rice. We ordered mustard rice. My first and won't be the last. The mustard vegetables is unique and has a strong taste and smell. What a way to 'marinate' and colour the plain white rice.

Another likable and popular dish. Braised pork belly. Like from the mother's kitchen. Unpretentious and very likeable, a time to pause and reflect on mom's cooking.
Very fresh Tenggiri. Get the lime juice on it and you get a appetising meaty dish.

Persiaran Arfah, Segambut 
Or WAZE yourself there

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