Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tlogowungu, Central Java (Common Folk's Dishes)

A tightly knitted local Javanese community received us with warmth. A place with lots of sugar canes, tapioca and tubers. There is a saying in Java that you can throw a seed anywhere and you will get a healthy plant. So plants that yields grains, tubers, fruits, vegetables and juices will easily feed a family or a community.

Local pan-fried small fish from the sea. It was rather meaty and I suppose nutritious. Tasty and sweet what more can you ask for in a common folk staple protein.
These mud-crabs were something. They were boiled in pepper soup! 'Wow' was my exclamation. These legless crabs have their limbs detached. I thought it because they couldn't be eaten so lopped it off rather than have them entangling one another.
Local produce galore. The local Japanese sweet potoes are really good. Moist, soft and super sweet.
Tapioca steeped in sweet syrup. A great dessert for the kids and adults alike.
Buah (Fruit) Salak reputably grows best in Central Jawa

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