Thursday, May 25, 2017

From Kandang to Piring (Pent to Plate) - Tlogowungu, Central Java

I was wondering why this village or for that matter this regency has so many families rearing goats. These are no ordinary animals. It is from the Boer family. Specifically, it is bred for their meat. It can be slaughter within a year. These goats eat the leaves and barks from the discarded tapioca plants after harvest. And these are a community of tapioca farmers.

These discards are free. So they pick them up it huge bundles and strapped them to the back of their motorbikes and bring them to the goats' pent. The branches will then be piled up on the pent's trough. The goats will eat and sleep and eat and sleep. In effect they will eat non-stop. An incandescent lamp will be switched on 24 hours a day to simulate day for these goats.

Two goats were slaughtered and turned into satay, mutton soup and other dishes. Each cut will determine which dish it will go to. The satay man told me that 1,500 sticks of satay were produced.
The dipping sauce, not unlike those we have in Malaysia

Motorbike transporting the BBQ gear
Boer goats feeding on tapioca leaves and bark. Mind you, the can peel the bark of with their mouth! 
Tapioca Plantation aplenty

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