Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mekong Homecooking - Fish sauce accent

Some Mekong lunch I had last month and over 2 afternoons. It was good with lots of porky, vegetables and fruits in season. Meat are usually marinated deep in fish sauce. This sauce is very strong in smells and taste. For a first-timer, the reaction to the smell and taste will be something akin to the well-worn adage, "Smell like sewage and taste like ice-cream".

Fish sauced pork chop in tomato slices and paste topped with crushed black pepper. It was heavenly. Rich tapestry of taste and good combination for texture. The tough meat with the soft tomatoes and crunchy cucumber!
Another twist for the local cuisine. Rich in animal husbandry. Sausage with vegetables, An unfamiliar combination but taste good!
Sour soup tilapia. Cantonese swooned with their soup staple. Yes, every meal does have a soup! And they are good at it too!! In Mekong you get the best fishes even if it is farmed.
Meal not complete without chicken! Another well marinated and sauced. My palate is over-stimulated.
Common vegetables with pork. Very Cantonese or Chinese. Well anywhere they are from almost the same area.
Hahaha.. one of my favourite soup. Bitter gourd. Didn't I say, every meal will have a soup!
Watermelon - Good and consistent quality and with thin rind

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