Saturday, May 27, 2017

Eat Tokyo Holborn, London

Incredibly large portions being dished out here. It will sure to satisfy the cravings of those pining for some good and fresh Japanese food. It is authentic enough to attract a good local following and it is filled with people when we were there. My son truly go after it with gusto.

London for all its complexity is simple on food. We have gone for Mexican's burritos, North Indian curry, Vietnamese and off course Chinatown's restaurants. If Malaysians ignore the exchange rate, unit per unit, it is not expensive. This is on the assumption that one earns in GB Pounds.

That said this simple eats which is actually at the lower level of a shop front is rather spacious. Guess it is the clientele and the volume that will determine the type of restaurant.

A bowl  of sashimi. As good as you get in Asian capitals
You can't get further than a fusion between the east and the west.
Japanese curry rice the rage now with young people or those accustomed to western style of food. Its a acquired taste, most likely.

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