Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Musang King - Chen Brothers, Kepong Baru

We had a good session at Chen Brothers Durian Stall in Kepong. The fruits were fantastic and shall I say expensive. The best Musang King was at RM82 a kilo and the high elevation and old tree ex-King D24 was at RM35 per kilo. They have RM50 range for Musang King as well as RM25.00 for D24 but we decided to go for broke. After all it is a seasonal thing.

If you like bitter ask for it and you will get it. So this Musang King even for its superlative taste and smell and at almost top quality was scant consolation for the premium price as I have eaten better in Singapore. The D24 was not that worth it as the seeds were large. They were great and taste good but as I have said for the Musang King, I have eaten better D24 at Bukit Tinggi.

My take on this would be go for Musang despite the cost as the seeds is small and thin so you have lots of meat to mull and suck over compared to D24.

Pictorial guide to Musang King and D24 for May 17 season.
Bitter Musang King
D24, ex-King

Jalan Mergastua (Kepong Baru)
Tel: 019-393 6877 (Chong)
Tine: 1pm till late night

Or just check with WAZE, took right to the spot without any hassle! 

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