Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soon Fatt Restaurant - Ipoh

This 3-Layer Pork was a good eat. No porky smell. Meat and its simple soy based marinade shone through. Firm enough as to not fall into bits, but not chewy. The fat goes rather well with the lean meat as it was optimally cooked for the right texture. Not oozing with lard and also not too hard to give the queasy feeling. 

A quick run to Ipoh and usually part of the incentive is getting to once again sample the Cantonese cuisine there. Soon Fatt is located at Jalan Seenivasagam an important food street in Ipoh. A lot of good Cantonese food can be found there. This is a proper restaurant, two notches or three it would qualify as fine dining.

The food is up there. Good enough but not getting us into the stratospheric realm. But then good food can be found almost anywhere in Ipoh and in the most unlikely places, like under the big tree and next to the tree roots!

I was just wondering when has these garlic bits play an important part as a condiment in our food in Malaysia. Feel like quite Shangdongnese and Korean.
 These bird-eye's chili is there for economic reason. It's much cheaper than normal chilis like we use to have.
 A cup of tea to accompany the meal. I hope it will not be replaced by wine anytime soon.
 Cod Fish. Crispy exterior but a firm yet soft flesh. A good cooking technique. Soy sauce was of premium quality.
 Belly Pork Claypot with Salted Fish. Richly flavoured but lack the caramelisation. Rather wet for my liking. Taste was fine. The cook took it out too early from the fire.
 Tofu as usual, was very good. All Ipohans are tofu connoisseurs as they thought they have the best.
 Sweet Potatoes Leaves for Vegetables.
42, Jalan Seenivasagam, Ipoh
Tel: 05 2436864
Opening Times: 11:00am - 2:30pm and 5:00pm - 10:30pm

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