Monday, November 8, 2010

Korean Bento Set - Corporate Korea

I was surprised that Corporate Korea can be that practical. Bento set for lunch. This one is not a small fry. They are a market leader and have received numerous awards for their products.Everything is efficient and clinical. And that includes the food in the Bentoes. Wine was classical but their "miso" soup came in a plastic bottle! Like those cough syrup that comes from the hospitals.

Bento set are similar to airline food. It comes organised and compartmentalised in cups and bowls in a tray. I like airline food not for the taste that much but more for its organised state! So I would be taking to this set, hook, line and sinker.

The food tasted good, felt fresh and pleasant to look at.

A look inside! What's in it for me.
 Banchan and Mains packed side by side.
 Mains - Shrimps, Eels and Salmon.
 Banchan - Kimchi, Radish and Spinach.
 Anchovies, Pickled Radish and Eel.
 Salmon, Swordfish?, Egg Roll.

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minchow said...

I do have a fixation on airline food as well, the good and the bad! Like a reflection of a new world order, everything in its designated place!